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Working on a gifset for Madeleine's birthday'.
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Behind the scenes with the Harper-Clarke family.

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i have 3 moods for biases:

  • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
  • precious child must be protected at all costs 
  • complete trash yet ironically my favorite member

Revenge Season 4 trailer: What goes around, comes around.

Is anyone else as disgusted as I am that Gideon is taking sexual advantage of Charlotte (who’s in a very delicate head-space after being kidnapped, learning the truth about David Clarke, & losing both of her parents) and providing her with drugs and alcohol?

Where the hell is Daniel in all of this? Are he and Margaux aware of what’s been going on between their siblings? What about Emily and Nolan?

Someone please save this poor girl from further exploitation before it’s too late.

It’s hard to be a bright light in a dim world.

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Aléx study

fuck off i’m giving myself some time to relax

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throwin’ shadeeee

i’ve been wanting to make that post for ages but have held back every time.

i just saw yet another ignorant ramble like that on the victoria tag, though, and it was the last straw. i was going to message the person privately and ask them not to tag their hate but they don’t have an ask box open so i figured i’d throw some passive-agressive shade instead.

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"Victoria may have had a horrible childhood, but that doesn’t justify the bad choices she’s made as an adult."

-Fans who justify the bad choices Emily’s made as an adult because she had a horrible childhood.

Taylor Swift shopping in NYC, September 14

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Gabriel, Madeleine and James on the set of Revenge (x)