"Waking up to you these past few mornings- I’ve missed feeling like this." | 3.18

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Victoria Grayson, certified villainess. | 2.05

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Revenge MemeEmily’s Relationships + Lyrics
     ➥ Emily & Victoria / “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift


oh dorne is the only place where women can inherit the ruling seat???? better cut that character and make it a boy like everywhere else lol who needs feminism 

"I need to make some plans for my political future, and I do have a bright, bright political future. The sweet lawyer who gave up on her career for her husband, suffered a miscarriage, then had a late in life baby while First Lady…that’s gold. That’s a future president. That’s a hell of a second act, and America loves a second act." "Mellie." "Get over her." "Mellie!" "GET OVER HER!"

People are fond of saying that you can’t unring a bell. And while that may be true… You can certainlys mother its ring under the dull roar of conjecture and lies

The ‘Get To Know The Revenge Fandom’ Post


Hello Revenge fans! As a way for our small fandom to get to know each other, here’s 10 questions for you to fill out if you wish! Just reblog with your answers :)

1. Name?


2. Other accounts? (Twitter, Youtube, etc. -optional)

-Youtube & Instagram 

3. Favorite Season and/or Episode of Revenge/Why?

-Season 1/ Duress 1.11

4. Favorite Character?

-Victoria Grayson

5. Favorite Ship/Why?

-Victoria/David or Victoria/Dominik or Victoria/Pascal because each of them made Victoria happy at some point in her life and that’s all that matters.

6. Favorite Emily Takedown?

-Michelle Banks because that bitch had it coming. Senator Kingsly and Mason Treadwell were pretty pathetic people so I felt kind of bad for them, but Dr. Banks? Girlfriend deserved worse.

7. Least Favorite Character/Why?

-Um, probably Emily Thorne? I don’t find her remotely sympathetic anymore and I’ve honestly just grown so tired of her character. All she ever thinks and talks about is getting revenge which makes her feel unrealistic to me, collateral damage means nothing to her, she has a serious problem with putting her own needs before everyone else’s, she kidnapped and emotionally tortured her own sister (an innocent victim in all this), finds pleasure in destroying other people’s lives, has a severe lack of empathy for everyone in general (friends included), actually thinks she’s morally superior to the Graysons, and half of the shit that’s happened to her since she moved back to the Hamptons has been her own damn fault but she refuses to acknowledge that. But what really sealed my hatred for her character was when she overheard Conrad saying that Victoria had been the victim of horrible abuse by her stepfather in 2.19 and was still intent on finding Patrick so she could use him to hurt Victoria. Disgusting. 

8. Saddest Character Death?

-Amanda Clarke. She was one of my favorites and I miss her so much. She deserved better.

9. Other fandoms you are a part of?

-Revenge is the only fandom I actively take part in, but I also post Scandal, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time, Orange is the New Black, The Fosters, Reign, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, American Horror Story, Arrested Development, Gossip Girl, Harry Potter, Disney, and recently Seinfeld.

10. Other ships?

-Patrick/Nolan, Jack/Amanda, Charlotte/Declan, Daniel/Emily (S1 only).

whiteknightswan: "Emily deserves to pay for what she has done and Victoria deserves a happy ending. Im not on fandom but im sure this is unpopular."

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This opinion speaks to me on a spiritual level.

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longer than Regina did LMAO i am so done with u XD

you know you love me xx

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whiteknightswan: "Snow did good when she killed Cora. now this is a HUGE unpo opinion LOL"

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Are you crazy? Cora was fabulous; I mourned her death longer than Regina did.

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but you’re right it would have been fucked up. ALTHOUGH can u imagine when Snow told him about sleeping with Whale he would have dropped ‘well i slept w regina so i guess that make us even’ LOL

oh my god stop i need this

that would’ve been gold

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OMG YESS O.O i thought i was the only one who noticed the soda tastes worse when coming from a can

Soda from the can is a crime. You are most definitely not alone.

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Right??? It’s almost too much to handle.

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whiteknightswan: "Regina and Charmig should have slept together XD"

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I totally wanted it to happen at the time but now that things have changed I’m not so sure? I feel that that would’ve had some serious long-term effects and I dunno maybe it was for the best that nothing ever happened between them. It would’ve been so hot, though. So. Damn. Hot.

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whiteknightswan: "Pepsi is better than coke :p have no idea if is unpopular lollll"

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It is an unpopular opinion, but it’s one I agree with. My great grandmother used to work for Pepsi as an accountant of sorts so I have to remain loyal to the brand lol. I do like Coke, though. I’m sort of addicted to drinking it from the bottle…one of my many vices.

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